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The Agreement-  Freeport becomes Concord’s second Sister City, with Killarney in Ireland its first. Freeport has a population of around 55,000 and a strong industrial complex, topped by the Grand Bahama Shipyard, one of the largest in the world.



“We are absolutely thrilled to have Freeport as our new Sister City for any number of reasons,” said John Dunlap, co-president of the Concord Sister Cities Association. “Grand Bahama Island is the closest Bahamian island to the United States and there are non-stop flights from Charlotte to Freeport. The people of Freeport are most welcoming. We hope to have student, medical and business exchanges with Freeport. As it turns out, Freeport and Grand Bahama Island are seriously considering building a new auto racetrack and have a great interest in NASCAR. Concord certainly has a keen appreciation of that, as well.”


Mayor Padgett also is happy with the pairing and what it means to the city.


“We are pleased to work towards a new partnership with the people of Freeport, Bahamas,” said Padgett. “Since 1993, Concord has enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Killarney, Ireland that has provided cultural and economic benefits to both communities. The work of Sister Cities International and its member communities continues to offer the promise of a better future for our world through peace and mutual understanding. Thank you to the Concord Sister Cities Association for starting the process of broadening our community’s partnership to a new community in Freeport and continuing the successful relationship with Killarney.”


"We are so excited about the City of Freeport becoming a sister city with the City of Concord.  The untapped, synergistic opportunities are endless, and we look forward to creating avenues for both cities to benefit and thrive as a result of the signing of the agreement," shared Ginger M. Moxey, President and CEO, Immerse Bahamas.


According to Dunlap, adding Freeport should provide a new sense of excitement to the Concord Sister Cities organization and the local community.


“We have loved having Killarney as a Sister City for the past 20 years and will continue to enjoy working with them,” says Dunlap. “But with the new addition of Freeport, we hope to see new enthusiasm in our community for the Concord Sister Cities Association. I’d like to personally thank Ginger Moxey, who has thrown a great deal of effort into helping make this happen and Taylor Woodruff of the International Sister Cities Association for introducing us to Freeport.”